Monday, June 27, 2011

Watercolor Painting Book

I made this for a birthday last year and forgot all about posting it. 

What you need:
Zutter Machine
Wire coils for binding
watercolor paper
watercolor pencils
permanent marker

First I made the covers by cutting cardstock and cardboard to size.  I also cut the watercolor sheets to size.  I think I cut the larger watercolor sheets in half twice to get 4 smallers sheets out of the one big sheet.  (probably around 5"x7" size)

I used this tutorial to make the pages.  Next I traced lots of images onto the watercolor paper.  I went with a princess theme.

More images.

I searched images on my computer and used my monitor as a light table.  I just held a sheet of the watercolor paper up to the monitor and traced.

See?  Easy!

Next, use the Zutter machine to punch holes in the covers and the watercolor sheets.

Put the pages in order.  I colored a couple of the pages at the beginning and then included one already painted so the recipient could see how it works.

Then use the Zutter machine to bind it all together.

Now this one I colored so it is ready to be painted.

This one is ready to be colored and then painted.

Another page ready to paint.  I included a set of watercolored pencils to make a complete gift.

FREE - printable instructions!

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